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Unwinding: The symptom changing process a body must go through during treatment

in order to heal from mechanical injuries.


Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) is a unique procedure designed to uncoil layers of tension in your spine that have accumulated over years of stress and time spent in poor posture. By finding and correcting the main causes of the spines imbalances the body starts to unwind and straighten up to its rightful erect posture. ABC restores function to your spine by adjusting bones pulled forward that the body cannot self correct. Dr. Margil achieves this by:

-The correction process begins with checking for and releasing tension in the meningeal system. The meninges are tough, elastic coverings of the brain and spinal cord. Improper tension or fixation of the meninges can cause a misaligned vertebra to become locked out of position.Besides protecting the brain and spinal cord, the meninges also act as an elastic stabilizer (like a big rubber rand) running from the tailbone to the head to help hold the spine together. 

-Dr.Margil adjusts those vertebra and other bones that the body cannot retrieve or reposition on its own. In the spine, the body has no way of pulling vertebrae that have become stuck forward because our bodies DO NOT have muscles to pull them back into into the correct position. 

This sequence of correction allows the spine to begin to unwind and uncoil like a big spring and correct itself as it has been trying to do since the original injury(ies), even if the injur(ies) have happened year or even decades ago.


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