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Biophoton Therapy



Technical developments in the 1970's made it possible to observe and measure very tiny amounts of light. This led to the discovery that cells in our bodies are continuously absorbing and emitting light (each cell emits 100,000 photons per second).  It has been verified that biophotons serve as the information system which steers and controls the thousands of biochemical reactions taking place within each cell of our body every second of our lives.  In other words, biophotons are the software, that run all body functions.

How The CHIREN Instrument

and Biophoton Therapy Works 

Biophoton Therapy  works by finding the causes of a disorder and correcting disturbances on the level of light and information.  The diagnostic part of THE CHIREN measures the "Voll electro-acupuncture points on the hands and feet to determine where the body's disharmony is.

Healthy cells are known to emit coherent light (like a laser); unhealthy cells emit incoherent, chaotic light (like a florescent light bulb).   

If the light is incoherent, the information that it carries has been corrupted. The faulty information causes disordered cell activity, which in turn causes illness. 

Biophoton Therapy is the process of restoring your health by restoring the coherency of your light. BIOPHOTON LIGHT is the steering signal for our biochemistry.

The body is treated with THE CHIREN using the patients own light and inverting the light wave pattern identified. Changing (IMPROVING) the quality of the light improves health.

This TREATMENT WITH LIGHT restores  your body, enabling it to carry out its own healing process.  It is important to understand that it is always your own body that does the healing once the disturbing causes have been removed.

About the CHIREN 

A Chiren® instrument is used to investigate the meridian or acupressure points on the fingers and toes to reveal any imbalances (incoherent light) where disturbances occur. The Chiren can distinguish between harmonious and disharmonious energy in the body through thee use of filters, which separate the chaotic and coherent signals of the different frequencies. The harmonious frequencies are amplified and returned to the body, whereas the disharmonious frequencies are first inverted, amplified and then returned to the body.

When the disharmonious energies in the body are confronted with their exact opposite (the inversion) they are neutralized. When the frequencies are corrected, the body chemistry is also corrected. Once the measurements are complete, a treatment plan is created to realign the bodies balance with as few appointments as possible thus giving you back your health and joy.

Biophoton Light Therapy is completely safe, painless and non-invasive.

Areas of treatment may include:

  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Migraines/headaches
  • Sinusitis
  • Allergies
  • Heart Problems
  • Circulation Issues
  • Stomach Problems
  • Digestive Issues
  • Skin Problems
  • Gall or Kidney Stones
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Vaccine Reactions
  • Constipation
  • Chronic Fatigue & more

 I am very excited about adding this NEW therapy to my practice and look forward to continuing the journey of supporting people to free themselves of whatever is not serving them in order to experience well being and joy!

Dr. Richard Margil has been trained personally by Johan Boswinkel, the developer of Biophoton Therapy

 Biophoton Therapy is a non-invasive system that improves the healing abilities of the body.

Biophoton Therapy is based on the correction of electromagnetic/biophotonic signals that are emitted from the cells of every living being. Ailments are identified by disturbances in this signal, and by correcting the disturbed signal, the body can respond with its own immune system to restore proper function and eliminate disease.

Biophoton Therapy using the CHIREN Instrument is the only instrument in the world that uses the BIOPHOTON LIGHT emitted from the human body.


Once we have identified the remedies that restore coherency to every point, the treatment is delivered via fiber optic cables through 2 glass rods connected to the CHIREN. You hold the glass rods in your hands for 9 minutes and 52 seconds for the standard treatment. The CHIREN amplifies and feeds your healthy, coherent light back to you. But even more importantly, it cancels out all the incoherent frequencies found during the measuring and testing phase. Because it operates on a feedback loop, it is impossible for the CHIREN to cause any adverse effects! When the body is no longer bothered by the disturbances, it begins to balance and heal itself.

We repeat the process with a 16 minute treatment using glass footplates. Each segment of the treatment serves a different purpose, and each treatment is custom-tailored to the individual. 

If you have had a whiplash injury or have scars on your body there are speciifc treatments to attend to that.

The first session lasts about 1½ hours. Successive treatments take about 1 hour.The second session takes place 4 to 5 days later. It is important to space the first three treatments four to five days apart to avoid backtracking. After that, one per week is ideal, until no more incoherent meridian points are left. Once begun, it is recommended to follow through with the therapy to its conclusion for lasting results. Once the results are achieved, infrequent treatments may be warranted depending upon new stressors affecting one's health.

In simpler days, there was one cause for each disease. Today there are layers upon layers of contributing factors to our less than optimal state of health. ONTOLOGY  means "the study of causes." BIONTOLOGY is the detective work that sniffs out the root causes at the bottom of an individual's challenges. Although 2 people may suffer identical symptoms, the root cause that may contribute ot each person's problems are always different and must be addressed differently. A BIONTOLOGIST does not diagnose, rather he/she finds and removes disturbing frequencies.

As people are becoming more aware, they recognize, the only one who ever heals the body is the body's own innate intelligence. In today's world, many factors confuse, overwhelm and weaken our immune systems. Some of those factors include: vaccinations, medications, food poisoning, electromagnetic frequencies, surgical scars, inhaled and ingested toxins. Often unknowingly these factors set  the stage for illness and health problems to arise and settle in. 

Feel free to contact Dr. Richard Margil for more information or to schedule an appointment at 781-235-6600.

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