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1.) Sitting places the most mechanical stress on the spine. When sitting, choose a chair that has adequate firmness to support the body comfortably without slumping. The seat of the chair should be flat, firm and slightly tilted forward, not backward.  The amount of tilt will vary from person to person. For most people, using the foam wedge will greatly speed up the spinal correction process. Use your towel under your breakdown side to support your unwinding. You’ll feel better, and you’ll save months of time! Ask the doctor about your case.

2.) A chair back that curves forward pushes the spinal bones forward out of place.  A chair back that curves backward allows your back to slump into the chair and pushes your head forward.  This pulls spinal bones forward out of place. The back of the chair should be flat without curving forward or backward. When your spine is really healthy, you will rarely need to use the chair back to lean against.

3.) A flat, firm seat with a slight forward tilt supports and tilts the pelvis forward.  A forward pelvic tilt causes the spine to maintain an upright position without muscular effort.  It also causes the low back to curve forward naturally, as it should.  The result is reduced spinal stress and muscular fatigue.  When relaxing, a slight recline in the chair is all right, as long as the back of the chair is flat.

4.) When sitting and reading make sure your head and neck are upright.For may of you this is crucial for your spinal correction. When sitting at a desk or table prop up your reading material to a 45 degree angle.The same principle applies to computer screens or craft work. Put the center of your computer screen at eye level.

5.) A soft, overstuffed chair or sofa may feel good when you are sitting in it, but it usually improperly supports your body. A poorly supporting chair causes spinal misalignments that often go unnoticed until after you get out of the chair, when it no longer supports you, and you are left feeling the effects of the spinal misalignments.  You won’t breathe as well. You wonder why you are tired at the end of the day. You blame XYZ instead of the fact that your spine is collapsed and your brainstem is being pulled. Airline seats are notorious for this, as are lounge chairs. You will be surprised how fresh you can be after a long flight if you fix your seat as recommended in #6.

6.)The same seat principles given above for your car seat. Again this is crucial for your spinal correction, so that we don’t have to adjust the same vertebrae over and over again. Buy and use a wedge! We don’t want unstable vertebrae being pushed or pulled forward every time you sit in your car. This leads to a waste of time and money.

Unfortunately, many car interiors are designed to accommodate the “normal,”  modern day postural distortion (= overly kyphotic, with C7/T1 and L4/5 slumped forward). Given enough time, they will distort even a healthy spine.

Most car seats can be modified to adequately support you. If they cannot be— time to trade in your car for one that won’t be a health drain!

Again, you want the seat to be either level or, preferably, sloping a bit toward the front. You can use either one or even two foam wedges to accomplish this, if you have the headroom.

Many seat backs are hollow in the lumbar area (to accommodate those slumpers) where they should be flat. If it is, fill in the space with:

• OK     Þ  pillow or towels or rolled up magazine, cardboard, or road atlas.

• Better Þ  lumbar support (foam or inflatable).

• Best   Þ PosturEvolution seat back. See sample in waiting room along with the literature 

It is our experience that your participation in these recommendations will be well rewarded. It is our job to get you to find out how great you can feel! 

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