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Margil Family Chiropractic, P.C.

Richard Margil, D.C


What Can I Expect


Going to the Chiropractor for the first time will change forever your understanding how your body works. Because chiropractic is not part of the traditional healthcare system the distinctions we make about how the body produces health will be different than what you have learned from a more traditional approach. Because we donot offer drugs and surgery as solutions for your problems, we offer somethig else.

In our office, after you have finished filling out the required paperwork, you will be brought into the consultation room where the doctor will first listen to your concerns. My first goal with you is to listen so you feel safe and begin to develop a sense of trust with me.  After that I will explain to you what I do and how I do it. By explaining my work I want you to make sure you feel you are in the right place and I am the right person for you. We become a team where I am serving you to help you heal your body. How I will speak about healing your body will be different than what you have heard before.

If you have had previous xrays or MRI's I encourage you to bring in the films for the appointment. I will review them. I will continue with the examination. Once the examination is complete, I will give you a report of clinical findings to help you understand what structures of your body have moved out of position in a direction your body cannot self correct. I will tell you if I can help you and how long I think it will take for me to correct it and how much it will cost. If you have insurance we will find out your benefits for you. Then I will recommend an initial course of care based on your history, severity of condition(s) level of pain, injury or discomfort and then begin treatment. 

Wellesley Hills Chiropractor | What Can I Expect. Dr. Richard Margil is a Wellesley Hills Chiropractor.
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